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 Think Silver studio brings body and mind together through mindful rebalancing exercise that is fun & healthy!

The health of our mind and body ripples out into the quality of our life, work and relationships.

Think Silver studio offers Pilates, Nia and Breathing fitness - Nirvana. 


Pilates is a mind-body system that, not only addresses aspects of human movement such as strength, range of motion, and endurance but also looks at awareness, balance, control, movement efficiency, function and harmony. With a depth of knowledge and focus on the fascia and meridian systems of the body, I love taking you on a journey of understanding your body in movement.  (Group classes, Duet & Private sessions)

Is Pilates for me?  Pilates is really for every ‘Body’! The principles of Pilates not only help you build a healthy connection to your body and health. These principles optimize performance in sports,  successfully alleviate common discomforts such as: Lower back pain, tension in neck and shoulders, stress etc. by re educating muscle recruitment patterns – and the greatest gift: improvements of alignment and mindful movement brings a positive ripple into every facet of your life.

Nia uses systemic movement, moving the entire body with grounded steps from the martial arts, the dance arts and body integration therapies. Bringing music together with mindful movement creates magic! Music is used for inspiration and as an energy in which you learn to sink, ride on and flow with. Movement is used to integrate your body, mind, emotions and spirit. The magic is you - how you do what you do, how you interact and connect, and how you create. 

It’s a workout that is fun yet efficient, providing cardiovascular conditioning while inducing the feel-good sensations of dance that bring with it transformation on many levels.

Is Nia for me? The beauty of Nia is that every fitness level & age can participate! Nia is both relaxing, de-stressing yet energizing! For anyone that has struggled to stick to any fitness regime or that anyone struggling to break from the no pain no gain philosophy, Nia has proven very successful : ). It also provides a great balancing interval & cross training workout for the sportsman/-woman.

Nirvana is a breathing fitness. Breathing is our gateway to flow and it is the only bodily rhythm that we are able to consciously control. With conscious breath we are able to monitor and guide the body into a calmer state as well as manage a calmer state of mind. 

Nirvana is all about oxygenating the body. Oxygenation is absolutely essential for all human function. The primary homeostatic mechanism of the human body is designed around necessitating appropriate cellular oxygenation. Medical science has revealed an alarming fact that 80% of our population is breathing very shallow and inefficiently (chest breathing). Stress particularly aids in creating the vicious cycle that changes our default breathing. Several researchers have sugested maintenance of posture and breathing habits to be th most important factor in health and energy promotion. The Lungs are our primary defence organism against environemental toxins. There is also speculation that decreased pulmonary function could be the underlying cause of oxidative stress from free radicals, and we know that oxidative stress plays a role in the development of many diseases. There is so much more depth to this breathing fitness, the best way to explore it is to experience it. 

Is Nirvana for me?  You match your Nirvana experience to where you are at. So it is for every Body...This is the primary focus at Think Silver studio -  inclusivity, possibility and honouring where you are at. It helps athletes with endurance, its a natural way to manage and eliminate chronic pain and depression, promotes strength & core stability...and teaches us how to enter a flow state which is where we can down-regulate the fast paced realty...get into the present moment and reclaim our lives. 

For any further information please contact Jeanne, or you can sign up on (please note that the payment function does not work for South Africa, so you will be sent EFT instructions once you have signed up. Please feel free to communicate on whatsapp with me - Jeanne -  with any questions you have 083 775 2703)

I look forward to welcoming you at the studio. Jeanne

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Situated in Bright street - the blossoming business street in Somerset West.  Contact info: Jeanne van der Merwer, 083 775 2703 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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